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SWAST Berkeley Annex Tracking 

  • SWAST Berkeley Annex Tracking

Categories:  Swept Path Analysis - Ambulance
Client:  Faithful & Gould
Project Date:  2014
Contact:   Felicity Flanagan
Location:   Berkeley Hospital, Gloucestershire

KTC were appointed by Faithful & Gould on behalf of SWAST (South Western Ambulance Service Trust), to undertake a swept path analysis of an annex in Berkeley Hospital.

The annex was proposed to house seven ambulances along with eight other parking spaces. It would also house an ambulance washing area and a ‘make ready’ space to prepare the vehicles.

After providing information on the specific models of ambulance that the trust would be using, in this case either a Mercedes Sprinter 519 or a Renault Master LM35, KTC were able to design digital versions of the ambulances using AutoTRACK. The digital versions were based on the vehicles technical specifications, to enable the program to calculate exactly how each ambulance would perform any given manoeuvre.

‘Tracking’ the vehicles showed where amendments would need to be made to the proposed layout to accommodate the vehicle manoeuvres. The analysis showed that for the 180 degree turn into the annex to be performed, that the access would require widening. It showed which parking spaces would be difficult to use, given their proximity to internal columns, and which movements would not be possible should a second vehicle already be parked in a specific bay.

The swept path analysis allowed the internal layout of the annex to be redesigned to make it easier for the ambulances to use and also showed areas that should be kept clear to allow for vehicles to turn.