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Southmead Hospital Visitor
Multi-storey Car Park

  • Southmead Hospital Visitor

Categories:  Swept Path Analysis - Bus
Client:  Carillion
Project Date:   2014
Contact:  Sean McIntyre
Location:  Southmead Hospital, Bristol

As part of the larger Southmead Hospital redevelopment, KTC were appointed by Carillion to undertake a swept path analysis of the visitor multi-storey car park. Improvements to the internal workings of the car park were being considered, including an end to the segregation of staff and visitor car parking to separate floors. Swept path analysis was required to investigate how a new shuttle bus stop within the car park might operate.

A new model of bus to that being used at the time was proposed. Unlike the existing buses, which required disabled passengers to alight from the rear, the Optare has a low floor side access that would enable normal use of a standard bus stop boarding platform. This change in vehicle could significantly speed up alighting and boarding for all users, including wheelchair users and pushchairs.

Swept path analysis showed that the proposed bus stop location would not allow the bus to fully line up with the kerb, which would cause difficulty for users. A new, more functional, location was proposed although this was found to require the loss of two parking spaces.

Swept path analysis of the buses in the areas surrounding the multi-storey was also undertaken to investigate various hoarding locations during construction. The analysis allowed an understanding of areas where the carriageway would require widening as well as how wide gateways in the hoarding would need to be to allow two vehicles to pass each other. In areas where the hoarding would require realignment there also became a need to relocate pedestrian crossing facilities.