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Brethren Meeting Room
Bath Road, Bristol

Categories:  Swept Path Analysis - Car
Client:  Sovereign
Project Date:  2013
Contact:  Sean McIntyre
Location:   Bath Road, Bristol

KTC were appointed by Sovereign to conduct a swept path analysis on the layout of a new residential development on the site of an existing Brethren meeting room.

The analysis of the ground floor car parking with an apartment block found that a number of the spaces were unusable. A common area where this is the case is in a row of parking where the last space is bounded on one side by a wall. These end spaces sometimes need to be made up to 400mm wider to allow the vehicle to pull into the space

A second problem area that the swept path analysis highlighted is where an end space is adjacent to the access. The only way the space was useable was for the vehicle to reverse into the space. To get out of the space again there was not enough room for the vehicle to pull forward or manoeuvre without hitting a wall or part of the garage door.

A third area where parking spaces did not allow the vehicle to turn after they have reversed out of the parking space. This was found within the meeting room site where a vehicle would have to have reversed onto a landscaped area in order to turn around.

Swept path analysis allows for issues like these to be rectified before the development is constructed.