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Categories:  Transport Assessment, Travel Plan, Highway Design
Client:  Deeley Freed Estates/Abacus
Project Date: 2016 - Ongoing
Contact:  Roger Key
Location:  Brixham Road, Paignton, Torbay

A site known as Inglewood, lying west of Paignton is being promoted for mainly residential development to meet a shortfall in the land allocated for delivery within a five year timescale in the Torbay Local Plan. The site has a long frontage to the A3022 Brixham Road and has capacity for 450 dwellings, along with some employment land or a primary school.

It had been suggested that this section of the A3022 required upgrading to a dual carriageway but early investigation of dual-carriageway scheme options revealed the high environmental impact and cost of this option. Meanwhile, parallel investigations demonstrated that modest improvements of the existing road would be sufficient to mitigate the development traffic impact with, in comparison with the dual-carriageway, minimal environmental consequences. The improvement scheme included widening of a bend to the north of the site, to improve visibility, safety and capacity, and the option to improve the existing road was agreed with the Council.

Building from this position several options for access to the site were considered and a four-arm roundabout, with two arms serving the development was identified as a preferred solution, in part because the introduction of a single junction minimises the effect on through traffic.

Investigation of existing amenities lying to the east of Brixham Road determined the need for crossings of Brixham Road for pedestrians and cyclists both to the north and south of the development frontage.  Initial discussions about the masterplan suggested that the local primary school would be expanded to serve the new development, and to meet the demand for walking and cycling to and from school, a signal controlled Toucan crossing was proposed. However, a review of education provision led to the inclusion of a primary school within the site and removed the need for the signal controlled crossing.  The new crossings will also enhance the accessibility of the nearby countryside for existing residents living east of Brixham Road.

The site is not especially well served by public transport. Discussions with the lead operator, Stagecoach, identified options for extension or re-routing of existing services and new bus stops are included in the masterplan to cater for new services passing in both directions along Brixham Road.   

Since traffic surveys were last conducted on Brixham Road the South Devon Link Road has been opened, releasing a bottleneck at Kingskerswell north of Torquay. This is believed to have led to an increase of traffic on the Torbay Western Corridor, of which the A3022 Brixham Road forms a part.  To understand current traffic conditions, extensive traffic counts were commissioned at junctions in the vicinity of the site. At the request of Torbay Council, and demonstrating the good level of collaboration adopted for the project, the scope of the surveys was expanded to gather information required by the Council in connection with other projects.  Impacts at the local junctions will be assessed within a Transport Assessment to be prepared in support of a planning application for the development.