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Woolavington Surgery

Categories:  Travel Planning, Employment, Health
Client:  Edington Surgery
Project Date:  2014
Location:  Woolavington, Somerset

KTC were appointed by Edington Surgery to provide traffic and transport advice in respect of a proposed new medical centre in Woolavington in the Sedgemoor District of Somerset.

The planning application included a new GP surgery and 45 residential dwellings, although only outline planning permission has been granted for the residential element of the development. A Travel Plan was prepared by KTC in order to satisfy a condition of the planning consent which was granted in March 2013.

The Travel Plan aims to set out how staff and patients will be encouraged to take up the opportunities for travelling sustainably to and from the new surgery in Woolavington. 

As part of the submission of the Travel Plan, KTC registered the travel plan on Somerset County Council’s travel plan monitoring tool iOnTRAVEL. iOnTRAVEL is now an integral part of travel planning in Somerset. The online system is how SCC monitor travel plans. Each travel plan that is submitted with a planning application within the Somerset County Council area must be registered on iOnTRAVEL. Many of us at KTC have a good understanding of the registration and monitoring process via the online system.

The following is completed online:

  • Site synopsis
  • The travel plan document is uploaded.
  • Targets
  • Action plan which includes travel plan measures and the timescale for implementation.

Responsibility for the travel plan has now been passed from KTC to the surgery Travel Plan Coordinator.