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Winterstoke Road


  • Winterstoke Road

Categories:   Travel Plan, Office, Employment
Client:  Imperial Tobacco
Project Date:  2010 - 2016
Contact:    Peter Mansell
Location:  Bristol

Sustainable travel now forms part of any company’s environmental responsibilities Encouraging staff to travel to and from work as well as for work purposes by sustainable modes can be implemented though policies and a travel plan.

Following on from the preparation and submission of a Transport Statement in 2010, Imperial Tobacco Limited (ITL) commissioned Key Transport Consultants Ltd to prepare a travel plan in 2013. The travel plan was prepared in order to satisfy conditions of the detailed planning consents for both a new Global Headquarters building and for a retained and refitted office building located on the Winterstoke Road site, and to enable a strategy to be identified for managing access to the site by all travel modes. 

Detailed travel surveys where used to inform the full workplace travel plan and have been used subsequently to monitor the progress of the travel plan annually. KTC developed the online surveys which were provided to all staff electronically. Reports summarising the travel surveys were also prepared.

The results of the year 1 monitoring travel survey showed that the single occupancy car use reduced by 8.2% in the first year that the Travel Plan was implemented and that car sharing increased by 33.3%. The increase could be attributed to the ITL car sharing scheme and increased awareness of the benefits of car sharing.  Active travel also increased in the first year of the workplace travel plan. Cycling has increased by 81.2% and walking increased by 3.5%. It is likely that the provision of showers, changing facilities, lockers as well as cycle parking and the introduction of the cycle purchase scheme led to the increase in active travel to work.