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Residential Development
Former Intier Site

  • Residential Development Former Intier Site

Categories:  Transport Assessment, Travel Plan, Junction Design, Traffic Calming
Client:  ERLP2 & Linden Homes
Project Date:  2013 - 2016
Contact:  Sean McIntyre
Location:  Bitton, South Gloucestershire

Having worked on this site for various clients since 2008 it was pleasing to see the site gain planning permission in 2016 and Linden Homes are now in the process of developing the site for 114 homes.

The site has an interesting history being first developed as a brass mill in the 17th Century. More recently the site was used for paper manufacture and latterly for the manufacture of motor car interior components.

From the mid 1980’s until early 1990’s the site employed some 500 people. Employment at the site declined from about 1993 until 2006 when it closed. The site comprises 174,000 ft 2 of industrial floorspace and 8,000 ft 2 of office floorspace.

The village of Bitton is located on the busy A431 which accommodates approximately 1200 vehicles two-way in the peak hour.

One of the main transport considerations was the need for crossing facilities on the A431 to provide safe routes to school and access to bus stops.  Bitton is a conservation area and planners were keen that highway works and signage did not have a significant impact on the character of the area.  A combination of footway widening and two zebra crossings are proposed to help calm the A431 through Bitton and facilitate pedestrian crossing.

A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan were prepared to accompany the planning application together with vehicle swept path plots to support the largely shared surface approach to the development.